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Privacy Policy

App is always committed to protecting your privacy. It’s an application or server that allows you to scan, print, and manage documents with your mobile device. To provide its worthy services to you, Prefect Tech App needs to access your vital information. This privacy policy explains that how your personal information is collected, utilized, and shared by the apps.

The value of user-provided information:

But this access is totally optional. If you allow, it will be accessible only then.

How do we collect additional information?

Any additional required information is automatically collected when you sign up for the application. Once you grant them access to the mobile application, you will be notified of any updates. Whenever the app update is available, you will be notified and granted an option to either reject or allow the access. If you put the app on auto-update, you will be notified when the process is completed.

What’s our Automatic data collection and advertising policy?

We only access and collect the cookies saved in your device for a better advertising experience. For that, Prefect Tech works with other advertising and analytical firms. That’s why users may be uncovered to ads. But we don’t provide personal information to the advertising companies.

Do we share the collected information with third parties?

We may share the collected information, personal or non-personal, with third parties such as advertisers, sponsors, promotional and marketing partners whom products and content we think may interest you. However, we are very concerned about our client’s safety. That’s why we ask only for restricted access to your device that is essential for using and downloading the application.

Is the information collected through our service secure?

We take every step to protect your information at any cost. We do it by our exclusive security systems. We have physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to help shield, prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and ethically use your information.

How long do we keep your information?

We keep your information in our systems as long as you are our clients. We keep it only long as we have to provide you our services. The same applies to the third person, with which we share the information. Once we feel that you are no longer a user of our app or your information is no longer needed, we remove it from our systems.

User’s quitting rights:

We always respect the user’s or our customer’s choice. If at any time, the user finds our application ineffective or unreasonable, he/she can quit and uninstall the app. The company would have no longer access to personal details after uninstalling.

Children Privacy:

We don’t recommend the persons under 13 use our application. When We know the child user is under 13, we don’t collect personal information then. As a parent, you can monitor your child through our services and can reach out to us.


You will only be able to use the app when you show your consent to sign a legally binding contract with the Prefect Tech App or follow this agreement and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations. Any kid who is under 13 is not allowed to use the app and is in violation of this agreement. Users who were previously blocked from using the app can never use the app again.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use:

Welcome to the world of Prefect Tech through app! This page intends to describe the ways of using our website, application software, and service through your browser or mobile device, as well as the terms, require for usage.

This privacy policy applies to our Apps, and its associated subdomains. By showing your consent to use or access our service, you claim that you’ve read, understood, and agree to the collection, usage, storage, and sharing of your personal data.

Moreover, you show your will to be bound by this Terms of Use Agreement, as well as the Prefect Tech app Privacy Policy’s collection and use of your information.

Prefect Tech App reserves the right to change the terms anytime. This Agreement applies to all guests, users, and others who download, view, or use the App.


By reading this agreement, kindly make sure you know all of the terms. A mandatory arbitration clause is included in this Agreement. You accept that all conflicts between you and the Prefect Tech App will be resolved by binding, individual arbitration.

Prefect Tech App:

You are at this moment granted a non-exclusive, restricted, non-transferable, freely revocable license to use the App for your personal, private, noncommercial use, and only in compliance with the App’s capability and services, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You cannot use Prefect Tech Apps for commercial purposes unless you own the copyright licenses to use its content for commercial purposes.

Your consent:

By availing of our service, registering on the app, making a purchase, or allowing access, you agree to our privacy policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

If we ever decide to change our privacy policy, we will post them on the page or change the privacy modification date.

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